Blog #18 – Wednesday 21st April 2010

April 21, 2010

Hey lovely people, I’ve been out of action for a couple of days, so busy on shoots I’m doing for the magazine. My creative buddy Kate is stuck out in SA because of the volcano ash thing and am left doing so many page of editorial on my own. Boohoo, nevermind, I think it’s under control.

I can’t believe how time flies and I’m now 26 weeks pregers and getting bigger by the day, thank goodness this is my last big photo shoot before going off on maternity leave, ahhhhh, entering the new dimension of motherhood, scary. I will certainly miss my sugar coated career here at Natmags, but I’ll be back in a year’s time. However, I will be updating my blog regularly …. so keep checking in and I promise to keep inspiring you about all pretty things wedding related. (Did I tell you am having a little boy and Matthew and I can’t agree on any names, albeit one, but will keep it a secret. I like Noah, Josh, Elliot, Max, Kai, Leo and Theo, but Matthew likes trad boring names … so it’ll be a tough one. Will keep you updated on the name front.)

Anyway, today, before I rush off to VVRouleaux to pick up some ribbon, I must show you this gorgeous bouquet of apricot calla lillies, it’s so pretty. And the great news also, is that I’ve been given a press pass to go to the Chelsea Flower show, so tricky to get tickets, so I’ll be inspiring you with some flower images that I take there in a couple of weeks.

Better go, ribbon needs to be selected,

Vanessa x

To be continued …

Photo credit: Nikole Ramsay

Apricot calla bouquet


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