Blog #8 – 19th March 2010

March 19, 2010

Lace lampshades on your wedding tables are the latest craze! But I’m still to find where to get them from in the UK … will keep you posted. This image is courtesy of expert wedding planners Aleit in SA.

If you’re looking for stationery to go with your lace theme, look no further than either William Arthur in the US or in the UK stop by at Magenta Ink, they have some really pretty lace style invites on their sites.

Am tired, but out for dinner with my lovely hubbie Matthew tonight … pizza versus burger? … Classy not, but tasty! Yum! Loud band playing outside on Carnaby Street, crikey we work in such a cool area. Gotta go or will miss my train south.

Happy week-end!

Vanessa x

To be continued …

Flowers and lace


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