Blog # 4 – 12th March 2010

March 12, 2010

Well, having seen my wedding in the last March/April issue of You and Your wedding magazine, Tomoko, the adorable Japanese PR for Laduree invited me for tea at Harrods. You never turn down an invitation to eat the best French patisseries in town, so last evening I went to meet her, and boy oh boy, were the macaroons nice! I scoffed or was it delicately ate a ball of vanilla ice cream topped with four iced macaroons in chocolate, rose and two more … I can’t remember they were so nice.

I’ve now decided that my favourite flavour of all times is the ‘Rose’ one, just divine. Once you get introduced to macaroons, you’re hooked for life. They’re like a drug. I’ve now got my husband onto them. When you bite into one, you feel you’ve just landed in paradise or is it in Alice’s wonderland? They’ve recently launched an ‘Alice aux Pays des Merveilles’ collection which is also a music box, so timely. Am still to see Tim’s film, anyone seen it?

They’re also launching some monthly themed boxes: vintage floral, mimosa and daisy! Aren’t they just cute? Bridesmaids wedding gifts? Favours for the ladies on the top table …

Vanessa x

PS Did I tell you am expecting a baby for July? So if you see me, don’t think I’ve overindulged on macaroons, I’m just five months pregnant. Second scan next week, will I paint the baby’s room macaroon pink or blue? …

To be continued …

Pompadour 6 Macarons

Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Three rose 'macarons' = french for macaroons


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